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Question 1)- In what ways did your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Does it fit the conventions of your genre? How? How did you challenge these?

This is a piece of work that describes whether i have used, developed or challenged the conventions of a drama. There is also a comparison with an already existing film.

Question 2)- How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

This is a prezi about the combination of our promotional package and ancillary tasks

Question 3)- What have you learnt from your audience feedback for your film, poster and magazine?

Part 1

Part 2

What was effective?

These Voki’s explain what I have learnt from peoples views about my promotional package.

Question 4)- How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? How did you interlink any technologies during construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

New technologies used in research and planning

New technologies used in construction

New technologies used in the evaluation

This is a range of technologies that I have used in the research and planning, construction and evaluation stages of my coursework.

This is a trailer that my group used to come up with their ideas. It provided us with the inspiration to create our drama, without all the comedic elements.


Gladiator (Package 1)

50/50  (Package 2)

This is two over all packages I did for 50/50 and Gladiator. Both include a poster analysis, a teaser trailer analysis, a magazine analysis and a detailed analysis. This is more research that I have conducted to fully understand what the codes and conventions of a drama are and how my group could use them to make a successful trailer.

These trailers are examples of extra research into drama. All of these have the codes and conventions of a drama, despite being very different types of films.

What is the purpose of a trailer?

This is where I talk about the purpose of a trailer and how it sells a film.

This is research that I did into what a trailer was and what types there are.

Initial research (category 1)

This is some initial research I conducted. I asked a variety of people about what makes a good trailer and I videoed their response.

Priest trailer

Predators trailer

Me talking about the codes and conventions presented in Priest.

This is where I looked at the conventions for the film Priest and discuss what they are. I have also compared it to other trailers of similar genres.

Initial trailer research


This is just some research that I conducted into the codes and conventions of a trailer when looking at genres. From it I learnt that certain genres have certain conventions that they have to follow.